Sailing Instructions

3rd Annual United Regatta
Saturday, July 11 th , 2020


1.1 This race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing (USS); the current IRC regulations as administered by the US-IRC; the current PHRF regulations as administered by the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS); the Minimum Equipment and Safety Recommendations of the YRALIS; the rules of any class racing as a level or one design Division; (except as any of these altered by the Notice of Race or these Sailing Instructions); the Notice of Race; and these Sailing Instructions.
1.2 Boats sailing ANY course shall observe the Minimum Equipment and Safety Recommendations of the YRALIS, Race Category B. Boats sailing the short course shall observe the Minimum Equipment and Safety Recommendations of the YRALIS, Race Category C.
1.3 In accordance with RRS 86 (modifying RRS 11 and 17):
When boats are crossing the navigational channel boats shall keep clear, from commercial traffic boats and allowed to use engine to avoid collision, but obligated to get back where they start the engine to continue the race.


2.1 Eligible boats may be entered by completing the registration procedures described in the Notice of Race. Boats must be enrolled in the YRALIS or other USS association. The Race Committee reserves the right to reject any entry.
2.2 Boats will be placed in separate racing Divisions, Division 1, 2, 3, and 4th., at the discretion of the Race Committee. A Scratch Sheet showing Division numbers, course assignments, and individual ratings will be available on, and at the Facebook, RussailYc by July 1st, 2020. Scratch Sheets will also be available from the Race Committee at the captain’s meeting at Miramar YC.
2.3 Boats shall race in their assigned Division as specified on the Scratch Sheet. Division Flags for starting purposes shall be the numeral pennant corresponding to it’s Division number. Each boat shall conspicuously display from its backstay the numeral pennant corresponding to its Division number; in the case of unstayed masts from the stern pulpit.


The first warning signal will be at 1000 hours.


Prior to the first warning signal each boat is requested to pass by the Race Committee Signal Boat within hailing distance, check in and receive acknowledgement.


The starting line will be between the Race Committee Signal Boat and Orange Racing Buoy.


COURSE I. Long 20NM: red buoy #10 at Seagate (to port), then to West Bank Light House (to port) then to the Old Orchard Shoal light house in ruins (to port), then to (R FL R 2.50 Red Lateral buoy #10 at Embrose channel (to port) then to the finish/ start line.

The distance for this Course is 20 miles.

COURSE II. From start line to red buoy #10 at Seagate (to port), then back to start line Orange Race buoy (on port). You should make Three Loops.

COURSE II. Catamarans: From start line to red buoy #10 at Seagate (to port), then back to start line Orange Race buoy (on port). You should make Three Loops.


Starting Signals will be in accordance with RRS 26.
Time Visual Signal Sound Signal Meaning
1000 Numeral Pennant 1 HORN WARNING SIGNAL – DIVISION 1
1004 Flag “P” removed HORN ONE MINUTE
1005 Numeral Pennant 1 removed HORN START DIVISION 1
The warning signal for each succeeding Division shall be made IN TEN MINUTES INTEVALS AFTER THE PREVIOUS STARTING SIGNAL OF THE PRECEDING DIVISION .
Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of all boats whose warning signal has been made.


A limit mark may be placed astern of Race Committee Signal Boat. In this case, the mark shall be a mark of the course and be treated as though it is part of the Race Committee Signal Boat. Touching it or passing between it and the Race Committee Signal Boat shall incur the same penalty as though the infringing boat had touched any other mark of the course while racing.


 The Race Committee will attempt to call any OCS boat(s) on VHF Channel 69. Failure to hear a radio call does not relieve a boat of responsibility to start correctly, and shall not be grounds for redress.

A boat crossing the starting line five minutes or less before her starting signal and not restarting, will have 30 minutes added to her elapsed time. This modifies RRS Appendix A. A boat crossing the starting line more than five minutes before her starting signal and not restarting shall be scored “Did Not Start.”


Any boat withdrawing before the start or during the race for any reason, shall notify the Race Committee on Channel 69.


The finish line will be The Race Committee Boat and Orange Racing Buoy approximately 40 degrees 34.261N. 73 degrees 57.309 W). The Race Committee Boat will lie north of racing Orange buoy.


The time limit for boats to finish in each Division is 1700 hours. Any boat failing to finish within the time limit shall be recorded as Time Limit Expired (TLE)


All PHRF divisions will be scored using PHRF Handicaps (as assigned by YRALIS Time to Distance) and the course distances as determined by the Race Committee.


VHF Channel 69 will be used by the Race Committee for communications with the Fleet. The Race Committee is under no obligation to acknowledge or answer any radio communication by a contestant except for acknowledging withdrawals, protests, or scoring penalty calls.


First, second and third place prizes will be awarded for each Division. The United Regatta Trophies will be presented at the Miramar Yacht Club annual awards dinner on July 11 th , 2020, at 1900hours


Visit to obtain additional copies of the Sailing Instructions, the Scratch Sheet and the results of the 2nd Annual United Regatta race. Competitors should obtain printed copies of all notices and instructions.


In consideration of the sponsorship of this event and the acceptance of the participant’s entry by the RussailYc and Miramar Yacht Clubs (the “Sponsors”), each participant hereby agrees that the safety of his/her yacht and crew, and the decision whether to start or continue to race, is his/her responsibility and not the responsibility of the Sponsors. Each participant hereby waives all claims, including, without limitation, any claim in respect of assistance given or not given, and any claim for any injury or damage resulting from such participation, which he/she may have against the Sponsor and its governors, officers, members, committees, employees, agents or volunteers arising out of or in any way connected with his/her participation in this event or any related activity undertaken or not taken by any of them in conjunction with, prior to, during or after this event. Each participant represents to the Sponsors that he/she carries adequate property and liability insurance, that he/she will inform his/her insurance carrier of the foregoing waiver, and that he/she will inform all crew members of their responsibilities for safety. Each participant further agrees that the foregoing waiver is binding on his/her heirs, representatives, successors and assigns.