Russian Yacht Club

1st Annual United Regatta

Saturday, July 1st, 2017



Including Spinnaker and Non-spinnaker

There will be a multihull class if enough entries are received



1                  RULES

  • The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • The current PHRF Regulations as administered by the YRA of LIS will
  • PHRF boats will be scored using the distance racing handicap issued by the YRA of LIS and scored using time-on-distance.
  • Any weight or crew limits are waived.
  • Per rule 42.3(i), a boat that runs aground while racing may use its engine or any other method to get refloated provided the boat does not gain a significant advantage in the race.
  • Boats shall observe the Minimum Equipment Recommendations of the YRA of LIS for Race Category A.
  • Each boat shall carry a


2                  ELIGIBILITY, ENTRY & FEES

  • The race is open to boats owned by or under charter to members of the YRA of LIS or other US Sailing Association, and boats of foreign registry with valid YRA of LIS or Mid Atlantic PHRF certificates. The “Guest“ PHRF rating will be issued by race committee, submit enquiries via for Guest PHRF certificate
  • Eligible boats shall enter by registering online at:, by Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
  • The entry fee is $60.00. No entries will be permitted after the June 28th deadline.
  • The entry fee includes Sailors’ Welcome and Awards Presentation for skippers and one crew member featuring complimentary food and beverages and live Additional crew, friends and family members may purchase party tickets at the entrance to the Miramar YC during Sailors, Family & Friends Welcome event.


3                  SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

3.1        Friday June 30th               1900     Skippers meeting, Miramar YC

Saturday, July 1st            1000      First Warning Signal

1530      Sailors’ Welcome  1700    Awards presentation


4                  SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

  • Sailing Instructions and Scratch Sheets will be available on the United Regatta website no later than 1800 Wednesday, June 28th,
  • There will be four classes.
  • Spinnaker with PHRF 120 and bellow
  • Spinnaker with PHRF 121 and above
  • Non- spinnaker PHRF All boats
  • Catamaran division


5                  START AND FINISH

  • The start will be located approximately 0.43 nm, 35° mag. from the #2 Red Nun of the Rokaway Inlet (40°33.945 N 73°57.433 W)
  • The FINISH line will be east bound to the START line.
  • Racing will be in Lower Bay area, approximately 8 miles to 20 miles in length depending on conditions.
  • Boats that have not finished by 16:00 will be scored DNF.
  • Boats withdrawing from the race shall notify the race committee by VHF on channel 69

6            SCORING


7                  PRIZES

  • Awards will include prizes for first, second and third places in each
  • In the event of a tie, the trophy will be awarded to the smaller boat and additional trophy will be ordered afterward


8                  RADIO COMMUNICATION

8.1        Except in an emergency, a boat that is racing shall not make private voice or data transmissions and shall not receive private voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.

8.2        Race Committee will be monitoring VHF channel 69



  • Guest moorings will be available on a first-come basis at no charge. Please contact Marine Facilities at the Miramar YC and Sheepshead Bay YC for reservations at ???-???-????
  • The privileges of the Club will be extended to skippers and crews of competing


  12         AWARD CEREMONY

               Award Party and ceremony will start on Saturday, July 1st at Miramar Yacht club at 1700.

Skipper and one mate attendance included in the race fee. Rest of the crew and guests, party fee is $15 which

should be paid before party. Miramar YC member’s party fee is $10



For further information


Race Committee via email

Race Event on or Facebook


Telephone: ???-???-????. Website: ?????????????


Boris Keselman – Event Chairman

????????????????? – Regatta Committee Chairman

??????????????- Principal Race Officer

????????????? – Protest Committee Chairma